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Aloha to all of you, the Moran Vista staff,

I'd like to take a moment to say THANK YOU so very much to all of you who took such excellent care of my mom, Eileen H. And for caring about her & being her friend.

I know I did not get to meet all of you in person, and I am not going to try to list names because I know I would not remember them all. But please know that I and my family truly appreciate you all!

Speaking of family, both from things Mom shared with me in the past, and from what I saw and felt while there, I know that special bonds had formed between Mom and some of you guys. So thank you for being her extended family! I know it meant a lot to her.

With Sincere Aloha & Regards,
Ron H.


We are forever so thankful for your friendship, support and comfort of security for Mom Evelyn. She was such a lady and her spirit was so alive to the last minute of her life.

Thank you one and all!


Anita & Tom S.

These past months there seems to be a slower calm within the working people at Moran Vista. Andrew is determined and the hard work he puts in shows. Residents also see the difference. Thank you for the improvements. Andrew is an asset for all.

Thank you,

Anita and Tom Schmidt


THANK you and your staff for helping our Tuesday go well!  My dad's procedure was straight forward.  His biggest concern was how Virginia was doing. He was certain that she would be very angry when he returned.  BUT, she had a GREAT day at Moran Vista!  The anti-anxiety medication was key! All of us are very relieved and reassured that Moran Vista is the best place on earth for them right now!  We cannot thank you enough.

Also, my sisters and I are planning a birthday party for my Dad on October 14 and would like to have it at Moran Vista. Will you let me know who I should talk to about this and how to reserve a room for it?  There will be about 10-15 people. 


Chris N.  


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